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If you are not sure about how to pay your service, don’t worry, we accept credit card, debit cards, cash and certify checks. Also we have financial plans and promotions.
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Our Financial Plans


CareCredit offers Special Financing and low monthly payment options, no up-front costs, and no-prepayment penalties so you can show off those pearly whites as soon you’re ready.

CareCredit helps you pay for out-of-pocket healthcare expenses for you, your family, and even your pets! Once you are approved, you can use it again and again* to help manage health, wellness, and personal care costs not covered by insurance.

*Subject to credit approval.


Lending Club uses technology to operate a credit marketplace at a lower cost than traditional bank loan programs, passing the savings on to borrowers in the form of lower rates and to investors in the form of solid returns. Borrowers who used a personal loan via Lending Club to consolidate debt or pay off high interest credit cards report in a survey that the interest rate on their loan was an average of 30% lower than they were paying on their outstanding debt or credit cards.

By providing borrowers with better rates, and investors with attractive, risk-adjusted returns, Lending Club has earned among the highest satisfaction ratings in the financial services industry.


Welcome to our Star Dental Discount Plan (SDDP), our mission is to help you recive the dental care you need while saving your money. We keep the highest standard of care and provide you with the ultimate in patient care.  

Individual SDDP: $100.00 per year

Family SDDP*:    $175.00 per year


2 Exams (D0150) per year

X-rays (D0274)

2 Prophylaxis (D1110) per year

And an additional 20% OFF in any dental pocedure. (You have no limitations and every type of dental procedure is included)

Consider the potential annual savings and dental costs.

*Those covered under this plan include spouse, two (2) dependent children up to age of 18.